Google Compute Engine available for preview

Google I/O 2012 – Introducing Google Compute Engine



Over the past few years, Google has been working constantly to build some cloud -ased platforms and other infrastructure for third-party developers, to help them build applications and websites, provide storage, or analysis of data.

Google has already built several products that do just this, such as Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, and Google BigQuery. The search giant recently introduced another product to that list at Google IO, called Google Compute Engine, which is a cloud based computing engine for application developers.

Google Compute Engine will allow users to run Linux Virtual Machines (VMs) in the cloud. It gives greater flexibility and control to application developers to manage and access computing resources more fundamentally.

Meant to be a powerful and affordable solution for businessmen and application developers, Google Compute Engine helps manage and process workloads in the cloud. Google claims you can run your workloads on Google’s infrastructure efficiently. It actually provides 50% more computing power & high-end performance as compared to other cloud service providers.

Google Compute Engine provides various flexible services to users. It allows you to launch the Linux Virtual Machines inside it using variety of configurations. There are various additional solutions available to manage your workloads and those solutions are developed by the Google’s ecosystem partners including RightScale, OpsCode and Puppet Labs.

Deployment of your various applications is now possible on an infrastructure that provides consistent performance. You can use some of the consistently fast, core technologies to store and host your data. You can launch Linux Virtual Machines on demands with the help of 1, 2, 4 and 8 virtual cores that provides 3.75GB of RAM per virtual core.

Google Compute Engine also provides strong security to protect your online resources efficiently. You can use built-in data privacy and security capabilities that helps to protect your system from unwanted access. You can connect your Virtual Machines together using high-performance network technology. It helps to form a powerful compute clusters and to manage the Internet connectivity using configurable firewalls.

For now, Google Compute Engine is running in limited preview trial mode, and is not yet publicly open to everyone. You have to submit your request for gaining access to GCE ( Here ), and we suggest you provide as much information as you can to get your application reviewed successfully.

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