Microsoft reveals Office 2013 for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft detailed how Office 2013 was taken and connected to the cloud in a blog post on it’s Office Next blog. Microsoft’s Partner Group Manager, John Jendrezak detailed the features along with Office 2013 features for Windows Phone, this is the first time Microsoft posted about upcoming Office for Windows Phone 8. Yesterday Microsoft released Office 2013 Preview for public and is available for download from Microsoft.


With the cloud functionality built into Office 2013 you can take your documents anywhere and have access to them from any device through SkyDrive sync. Using Windows Phone you can ick up the documents you are editing at your home or work and start working on where you left off. Word or PowerPoint, for example remember your last edits on a device and will show you when you login to another device.

With the capabilities that we’ve built into our roaming settings service, we’re able to create new settings that will roam with you across any connected device. For example, Word and PowerPoint make it easy to get right back into your work by remembering where you left off in each document or presentation. So, if you didn’t have time to finish reviewing an important document before you had to leave work, Word will remember what paragraph you were last reading/editing when you open that document on another machine. PowerPoint remembers the slide you were on so you don’t have to go hunting for that last edit in a long deck.

These features extend to your mobile device as well. For example, your Windows Phone will show your recent files for one-touch access while you are on the go.

According to Microsoft you can customize the look of Office screens with your profile picture and “by selecting a classy yet subtle decoration”. This feature helps to differentiate who is signed in to Office when sharing with friends or family.

You can sing in with your email account that you are already using to access other Microsoft services like SkyDrive, Hotmail, and soon you will be able to use the same to sign-in to Windows 8. If you are already using Windows 8 previews you know how this works.

When you sign-in to your account from Office your default location for saving files is SkyDrive, as it makes more sense to have your files synced across your devices, but you can also choose to save to your system.

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