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It’s small, free, powerful, and flexible, and advanced users will get a jewel in this handy system boot tool. EasyBCD’s crisp, clean, and logical interface presents everything you need to create a multi-OS boot system. Once the additional operating systems are installed, this utility makes it very easy to manage booting into an alternate OS.

Adding Linux

Most text windows are easy to read, though users are expected to have the knowledge to understand the information displayed. Almost all configurations are easily set from simple pull-down menus. The occasional button toggle is used, but neither type offers tool tips. You should read the extensive online documentation before installing this utility.

As simple as it is to use, EasyBCD is flexible enough for most users. You can manage booting into Windows, Linux, Mac, or many other operating systems. A diagnostic center and numerous utilities are included that help you find and fix boot problems. The only downside is that not every tool is as well documented as EasyBCD. Simply put, EasyBCD is a must-have tool if you create a multiboot system.


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