Win 7 : A Technical Guru With Problem Steps Recorder

The Problem Steps Recorder in the Windows 7 operating system is a feature that enables users to record their interactions with an application and provide a detailed screen-by-screen view with accompanying information.

Learn how the recording can be used to quickly identify problems and help reduce time spent with the help desk.


Uses of PSR

Here are some ways that you can make use of the Problem Steps Recorder:

* be a technical guru and provide visual technical support, especially for your old granny.
* If you are facing a problem in Windows and are seeking support, you can use PSR to record down the problem and email to the support officer. It enables them to has a better understanding of what went wrong.
* Documentation: You may have discovered a hack to solve something and you want to record it down and store it somewhere so that you can refer to it in the future.

Note: Problem Steps Recorder is only available in Windows 7.

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