LINKSYS- PAP2 Unlocking— How to

Basic Firmware Update Instructions

Follow these steps and your Linksys PAP2 will be unlocked. Provider settings do not get erased.

Several assumptions:
1. you can get to the WEB interface and set the USER password.
2. Ideally, the device has never downloaded updates, or talked to the provider.
3. You have a TFTP server setup on your network

For this example, Assumptions:
PAP2 is at ip:
TFTP svr is :

OK, lets go for it:

1.    Put the following two files in the TFTP root folder.
2.    Disconnect from the Internet (avoids downloading cfg files)
3.    Boot your PAP2 in your network.
4.    Browse to the web page of the PAP2.
5.    In SYSTEM, set a User password of 1234
6.    Click the SAVE SETTINGS button.
7.    Refresh the link (you login with user and 1234)
8.    modify the link to show (http)
9.    Examine the status leds.. Power should turn RED when it is done.
Give it a minute or two, dont interrupt it.
10. Once red, point browser at your PAP2. (our IP in this example is
11. Click the “admin login” link near the top-right.
14. Now, modify the link to show (http)
15. Done. Your Linksys PAP2 will eventually reboot (2 blue LEDs) (BE PATIENT)
and you can click the “admin login” near the top-right. No PW needed.

This test uses specific firmwares.. These are not for any other use, so if you are looking for upgrade firmware for your PAP2,
DO NOT assume that this will be them.. These are for unlocking your PAP2 unit.

Oh yeah. I was able to unlock two without any troubles.. your mileage may vary

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