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Tech has played a massive part in growing agricultural trade. Now it’s likely to develop plants at a desert by the usage of agricultural biotechnology. With this technology, most plants are designed to live in drought states. During genetic engineering, boffins have been able to introduce faculties into existing genes using no objective of earning […]

Difference between static and dynamic website

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Difference between static and dynamic website   There are two types of site – dynamic and efficient. A website is one which is written in HTML and what’s at the code of the page is what’s displayed to the consumer. A dynamic website is one which is written utilizing a scripting language like PHP, ASP, […]

What is Phishing ?

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What is Phishing? Phishing is the fraudulent effort to get hold of sensitive information such as user names, passwords and bank card details with disguising like a trusted thing in an electronic communication. Typically performed by e-mail or instant messaging,it frequently sends users to input private information in a bogus site, the design and texture […]

Wiki Leaks creator Julian Assange Arrested in London

The Wiki Leaks creator Julian Assange was detained on Thursday from London to handle a complaint at the USA of trying to hack into a Pentagon computer system this season, bringing to a sudden ending a seven-year saga by which he’d awakened in Ecuador’s embassy from Britain in order to prevent catch. His hosts had […]

How to become an ethical hacker – Phase 1 – History

History of  Initial Internetting Concepts The internet as we know it may not have taken shape until the 1990s, well after Bill Gates revealed his first PC. So who invented the Internet? The Internet timeline traces back to the Vietnam War: 1969, to be exact. That year, a team of defense engineers at the University […]