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What is Doxing?

What is Doxing? Researching and broadcasting private or identifying information (especially personally identifying information) about an individual or organization.   The methods used to obtain this information include searching publicly available databases and social media websites (such as Facebook), hacking, and social technology. It is closely linked to international vigilantism and hacktivism. Now you have their […]

Physical Security – Tailgating

Physical Security – Tailgating   Tailgating (also referred to as piggybacking)is a social engineering technique meant to give an individual physical access to an area without proper authorization. At its most basic, the attacker will wait for an authorized person to use their access card or a biometric credential to open an electronic access control […]

The Most Important Cybersecurity Story

There’s no doubt what the most discussed cybersecurity story of the month is—withbelligerent attackers, sophisticated counterhacks, corporate lawyers threatening journalists, speculation about the potential involvement of a rogue nation state,entertaining sniping about movie stars, and even real-world threats, the Sony data breach has all the excitement of one of the action-packed films pilfered from the […]