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Azure : Azure Storage Explorer 6 Preview 3

Azure Storage Explorer 6 Preview 3 Open Source Now being run as a full open source project. Full source code on CodePlex. Collaboration encouraged       Very some important things to know : Create / Delete Queues List Queue Messages Pop top Queue Message / Create or Copy a Queue Message Added a configurable Content […]

How to Remove Members from a vCenter Single Sign-On Group

Remove Members from a vCenter Single Sign-On Group : You can remove members from a vCenter Single Sign-On group from the vSphere Web Client. When you remove a member (user or group) from a local group, you do not delete the member from the system. Procedure: Log in to the vSphere Web Client as administrator@vsphere.local […]

AppleCare iCloud password reset

Very scary news coming from Wired’s Mat Honan. As well publicized over the weekend, Honan’s iCloud account was hacked. ‘Bad’. This quickly led to Honan’s Twitter account, and in turn Gizmodo’s Twitter account (where Honan used to work). Honan’s Twitter profiles were attached to his iCloud email, and a simple Twitter password reset allowed those […]

Dropbox: Yes, we were hacked

Maybe this will put an end to all that  “Dropbox of the Enterprise”  talk by cloud storage providers. On Monday night, Dropbox acknowledged that  spam mailings  afflicting users starting a few weeks ago happened when hackers used passwords obtained from third-party sites to access “a small number” Dropbox user accounts. The company called in outside […]

Microsoft Announces Cloud Email with Skype and more function

    Microsoft just announced that they are launching a new cloud based online email service called When it comes to past email services, one can’t help but think of Hotmail, and how it has been slowly fading in the wake of Google’s   cloud email service gmail. As big tech companies like Apple, […]

The Biggest Thing To Happen fast Wi-Fi at 7Gbps

Wireless networks will soon get a big boost in speed. A new standard supporting the 60 GHz band is coming next year and it will allow wireless networks to be much faster than those that run on today’s current 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The standard, known as 802.11ad, will create wireless networks that […]

How internet is helping startups in match-making

    Modern-day Cupids equipped with precision-guided arrows are springing up on the internet, helping young Indians in their search for romance. Using cutting-edge technologies that involve data mining and self-learning, these matchmakers believe that artificial intelligence can show the way to true love. Instead of traditional markers such as caste, community, horoscope or skin […]