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Don‘t use mobile more than 30 minutes a day

  If you are worried by the radiation emitted by cellphone towers around you, there is some good news. From September 1 this year, India will lower the level to one-tenth of the prevailing standard – from 9.2 w/m2  (watt per square metre) to 0.92 w/m2. The decision follows a report of the inter-ministerial committee […]

Virtuous Tramps beware: Facebook will scan your chat

  Sometimes you go in as pure a product and can anticipate the reactions of you a bit. The contribution to the Facebook-bank it was, for instance. As you know in advance that the majority can not reconcile themselves to use bank data from Facebook. So like I imagine it to be clear now that […]

Nvidia: 400,000 coded passwords may have been hit

  US semiconductor  maker  Nvidia Corp. says up to 400,000 users of its forums have had their encrypted passwords compromised in attacks dating back to early July. It’s the latest in a stream of data thefts which has hit major  Internet  companies over the past few weeks. Search provider Yahoo, networking sites LinkedIn and FormSpring, […]