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Microsoft Tightens Windows 8 Activation Policy

Microsoft is now working to minimize piracy of Windows 8. With all the previous scenarios and a Windows 8 leak last week, change in the activation policy is just the right thing Microsoft could do. According to the new policy, a unique activation key will be written in BIOS of each machine, keyed to the […]

How to configure mail on Thunderbird

How to configure on Thunderbird Mail client   Step : 1 Register Account on Step : 2 Download Thunderbird mail client Step : 3 Start install that client and now we ready for installation .. Step : 4 Open A Thunderbird client   and just follow the images       Step : […]

How to Reset the IE Content Adviser Password

Click on the Download button below to download the   Reset_Content_Adviser_Password_kartook   Steps to start : A) Click on Save, and save the .zip file to the desktop. B) Open the .zip file and extract the .reg file to the desktop. C) Right click the .reg file (On Desktop) and click on Merge. D) Click […]

Microsoft reveals Office 2013 for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft detailed how Office 2013 was taken and connected to the cloud in a blog post on it’s Office Next blog. Microsoft’s Partner Group Manager, John Jendrezak detailed the features along with Office 2013 features for Windows Phone, this is the first time Microsoft posted about upcoming Office for Windows Phone 8. Yesterday Microsoft released […]

How to Reset mysql Root Password on Linux and Unix ?

How to Reset mysql Root Password on Linux and Unix ? Step 1: Stop the mysql server using the following command /etc/init.d/mysql stop Or service mysql stop Step 2: Start the mysql server manually without permission tables which allows us to login as root user without password, using the following command mysqld_safe —skip-grant-tables You should […]

WordPress Error :TypeError: obj.firstChild.firstChild is null

  Tried in different Browsers : In Google Chrome the error is: TypeError: Cannot read property style of null In Firefox: TypeError: obj.firstChild.firstChild is null In Internet Explorer: Cannot retrieve the value style: the object is null or not defined Also i tried to restore my   Old backups don’t solve the problem   Finally […]