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Cyber thieves to target mobile apps in future

  In a recent case reported in Ahmedabad, a company that developed applications was struck by data thieves – who were, in fact, the company’s former employees. A group of four employees had suddenly quit one day, citing different reasons. A month later, the owner of the company discovered the theft when he noticed that […]

YouTube unveils face-blurring tool

  Video website YouTube unveiled on Wednesday a way for users to automatically blur human faces in videos they upload, a feature that would help protect the identities of political dissidents, YouTube parent Google Inc said. Once known more as a repository for fuzzy, home-made cat videos, YouTube has become a growing destination for slick, […]

Passwords hack: Yahoo fixes security glitch

    Yahoo has announced that it has fixed a glitch in its security software that allowed hackers access to 450,000 email addresses and passwords. In a statement on the company blog, a Yahoo spokesman said the firm has deployed additional security measures for its affected users. “Yahoo recently confirmed that an older file containing […]

Nvidia: 400,000 coded passwords may have been hit

  US semiconductor  maker  Nvidia Corp. says up to 400,000 users of its forums have had their encrypted passwords compromised in attacks dating back to early July. It’s the latest in a stream of data thefts which has hit major  Internet  companies over the past few weeks. Search provider Yahoo, networking sites LinkedIn and FormSpring, […]

How to Stop ssh attacks with fail2ban in CentOS

Stop ssh attacks with fail2ban in CentOS   Every server on the web is subject to frequent breaking attempts, and when there are services running on default ports like 22 for ssh it becomes even more common. However, using a simple tool freely available called fail2ban we can easily keep those intruders out of our […]

Social site Formspring hacked, passwords leaked

  Social networking site Formspring said Wednesday that it was disabling nearly 30 million registered users’ passwords after hundreds of thousands of them were leaked to the Web. Formspring said in a blog post that the breach happened after someone hacked into one of the San Francisco-based company’s servers. Spokeswoman Dorothee Fisher said Wednesday the […]

TouchFire Keyboard accessory for iPad

  One of the common knocks against Apple’s iPad is its keyboard. The entire premise of the iPad is its large, Multi-Touch keyboard, but some call the feature a roadblock to content creation. Wepreviously profiled a slim, convenient Logitech keyboard that will “kickstart your your transition from consumption to creation” on the iPad. Over the […]

Security :Internet may go down for thousands on July 9

Internet may go down for thousands on July 9 The warnings about the internet problem have been splashed acrossFacebook and Google. Internet service providershave sent notices, and the FBI set up a special website. But tens of thousands of Americans may still lose their internet service Monday unless they do a quick check of their […]