Cisco:VLAN -1

Before you begin creating VLANs, you should determine whether the switch will participate in a VTP domain that will synchronize VLAN configuration with the rest of the network. You must also enable a trunk connection if you want to use VLANs across multiple switches.

The steps to configure a VLAN are:

1. Enable VTP (optional)
2. Enable Trunking (optional)
3. Create VLANs
4. Assign VLANs to ports

Verifying VLANs

* Verifying the VLAN Configuration
* Verifying VLAN Membership
* Prevent VLANs from Crossing a Trunk Link
* Prevent Individual VLANs from Crossing a Trunk Link
* Verifying Trunk Links
* Verifying VTP Information
* Enabling VTP Pruning


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