Configuring Interfaces ASA 5500

Basic Interface configuration :

Step 1 To enter Interface configuration mode, in global configuration mode enter the interface command with the default name of the interface to configure. In the following example the interface is ethernet0.

hostname(config)# interface ethernet

(int eth )


Step 2 To set the IP address and subnet mask for the interface, enter the ip address command. In the following example the IP address is and the subnet mask is

hostname(config-if)# ip address


Step 3 To name the interface, enter the nameif command, maximum of 48 characters. You cannot change this name after you set it. In the following example the name of the ethernet0 interface is outside.

hostname(config-if)# nameif outside


Step 4 To enable the interface, enter the no version of the shutdown command. By default, interfaces are disabled.

hostname(config-if)# no shutdown
(no shut)

Step 5
To save your changes, enter the write memory command.

hostname(config-if)# write memory
(wr mem)

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