vpnc – client for cisco vpn concentrator -Ubuntu

vpnc is supposed to work with:

* Cisco VPN concentrator 3000 Series
* Cisco IOS routers
* Cisco PIX / ASA Zecurity Appliances
* Juniper/Netscreen

Supported Authentications: Hybrid, Pre-Shared-Key + XAUTH, Pre-Shared-Key
Supported IKE DH-Groups: dh1 dh2 dh5
Supported Hash Algo (IKE/IPSEC): md5 sha1
Supported Encryptions (IKE/IPSEC): (null) (1des) 3des aes128 aes192 aes256
Perfect Forward Secrecy: nopfs dh1 dh2 dh5

Supported Platforms:

* Linux (i386/ppc/zaurus tested)
* NetBSD (i386 tested)
* FreeBSD (CURRENT of 23.11.2003 tested)
* OpenBSD (CURRENT of 18.04.2004 tested)
* DragonFly BSD
* Darwin / Mac OS X
* Solaris (7 works, 9 only with –natt-mode forced)
* Windows / Cygwin

Required Kernel Options: Universal TUN/TAP device driver support
Required Libraries: libgcrypt (version 1.1.90 for pre7 or later) (1.1.12 for pre1 to pre6)
Required dependency: libgpg-error

Optional Libraries: openssl (for hybrid auth support)

Relevant RFCs and Drafts
cisco vpnclient password decoder

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