VMware : Free Traning Course-Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Design [v5.X]

Course : Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Design [v5.X]

– Format: Self-Paced
– Length: 4.5 Hours

This self-paced course covers the concept of disaster, recovery sites, disaster recovery or DR and business continuity or BC issues, and the planning process.
Objectives:                After this course, you will be able to:

–   Describe what a “disaster” is and what it is not.
–   Describe the difference between DRP and BCP.
–   Describe the importance of remote recovery sites in DRP.
–   Describe the importance of storage architecture in DRP and BCP.
–   Describe the issues involved in disaster recovery and business continuity.
–   Use decision trees to design recovery plans.
–   Use decision trees to develop BCPs.
–   Discuss the features and functions of VMware products that map to tasks within the creation of DRPs and BCPs.

Intended Audience:SEs (VMware/Partner) seeking certification to become a VMware Technical Pre-Sales Professional.

Outline:This course consists of the following modules:

–   Module 1: Introduction to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

–   Module 2: Using Decision Trees to Design Recovery Plans

–   Module 3: Using Decision Trees to Design Business Continuity Plans

–   Module 4: Mapping VMware Product Features to DRPs and BCPs

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