E Book -Introducing Windows Server 2012

Microsoft Press has released a new e-book all about this new Server OS: Introducing Windows Server 2012. Even better news, this book is available for FREE!

Directly taken from the Foreword of this book:
’…Windows Server 2012 introduces a plethora of new features to address the evolved needs of a modern IT infrastructure and workforce. The core of this  experience is the need to scale out, virtualize, and move workloads, applications, and   services to the cloud. Windows Server 2012 incorporates our experience of building,  managing, and operating both private and public clouds, all based on Windows Server…’

’…This book is compiled from the expertise we have gained from the public clouds that we have run for years, as well as the experience from many experts on how to use the Hyper-V and Windows Server technologies optimally. We wanted to provide this book as a preview of the engineering team’s inside knowledge and the best practices from the early adopter deployments of Windows Server during the beta. It provides a unique introduction and preview on how to cloud-optimize your environment with Windows Server 2012!



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