Google launches new initiative for mobile Internet users

Internet ( search Engine ) giant  Google  today launched a new initiative to help businesses reach out to over 70 million  mobile Internet users  in the country.

Under the ‘Let’s talk Mo’ initiative’, Google will help businesses create mobile sites for free, Google said in its official blogpost.

According to Nielsen Informate Insights for smartphone users 2012 study, Indian smartphone users are spending over 157 minutes daily on the mobile web (89 per cent of them are searching for information).

The user-experience is, however, not optimised for the mobile screens as most Indian websites are still designed for the PC experience, it added.

“That’s why starting today, Google is giving Indian businesses two options. One, create a mobile optimised site for free and second test how user friendly is your existing mobile site,”  Google IndiaCountry Head Marketing  Nikhil Rungta  said.

Businesses will be able to see how their sites look on a smartphone using the GoMoMeter tool and get personalised recommendations for creating a more user-friendly experience.

The site also provides information on current mobile trends, best practices, case studies and various other resources to help businesses develop a successful mobile presence.

“The dedicated website ( will provide all the tools and resources that businesses need to have a presence on the mobile platform,” Rungta said.

With more and more people using their mobile phones to explore the web, it makes sense for businesses to have a website optimised for mobile sooner than later, he added.

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