7 Qualities Make Hackers Highly Effective


Quality One- Always A N00b

Yea. You heard it, and it seems crazy, but do you ever wonder why on the forums and opinions you always observe the trolls calling the weakest link a noob and picking on them. . And then THEY are revealed to be newbies also? When I go through periods where I only visit sites and forums where I am proficient at the subject or ability level, at hand, I find that not only have months gone without me learning anything new.
I also have gotten rusty in the things I had been starting to learn. As crazy as it sounds, I believe a highly effective hacker is always in areas where he’s a noob. Constantly learning matters that he didn’t have any idea of and constantly finding things that overwhelm his mind, before a week after when he’s currently teaching others how to do it and busy with something else he doesn’t yet know. This is the manner of intellectual advancement. When you see men on these forums and website comments, picking on beginners and minding the same skills without a new, understand that they are at their peak.

Quality Two- Curiosity

Would you think for a minute that the l33t ones out there, finding new exploits and breaking into systems are only following step by step manuals or motivated by their job or a paycheck? If so, I am sorry to rain on the parade, however, a successful hacker comes with an obsessive fascination.
These personal drives can bring a man further in skill than the demand for a promotion or recognition will. “I wonder what could happen if I attempted to. .” “What do you suppose they keep in here. .” “OMG! .” These are the simple thought patterns of an effective hacker. Not just when he has a job to do. I mean consistently. As an instance when you’re a kid (or even today ) played with a video game and found a bizarre glitch (not always a’cheat’) that you thought was humorous. When I walk in this corner backward he kinda gets stuck there. . UPSIDE DOWN! LOL”,”What would happen if I do this and try to jump at precisely the exact same time? Oh weird! It drops my character at which I’m not even supposed to be yet!” . OK This is the fascination that intrigues an effective hacker. He wants to make things operate in ways they were not originally intended to.

Quality Three- Enjoys being places he doesn’t meet

Hey sorry all you white-hats out there, but it’s true. I won’t condone trespassing, but many of the best hackers get serious pleasure from being places they do not belong. I read that what that drives a man is a form of penetration, of inserting that which he believes is himself to something he believes isn’t himself. I don’t know about all that, but some of these guys get delight in the exact same manner that a voyeur enjoys watching what he’s not allowed to. They enjoy getting into places they are not assumed to be. Now I am not advocating this behaviour, simply laying out the truth. The reason these people today figure out ways to get into things is these basic, fundamental drives induce them to. It closes the difference of all of the items he must learn in order to achieve what he wants.
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Quality Four-An unbalanced lifestyle

I frequently find myself engorged at a project (not only computer related) and nothing else exists. If you ever see these fat or skinny guys beating their computer at 3 in the morning with empty coke cans and full ashtrays around till they finally call it a day. . And then it’s time to go back into get the job done. That’s them. LOL Now I am not saying that being an effective hacker means they don’t have a lifetime (although some may not). Alot of very powerful people become obsessed with what they’re working on and do nothing but that. . For a while. Then they go through a phase where they are obsessed with something different.

Quality Five- Likes to break things

Come on men! We are hackers! We love to crush things apart and see what happens. Because face it, it is much easier to break something than to make it rewards a valuable chance to put it back together in another manner.
But that’s going to be a massive problem. The most effective hackers have definitely learned to become quite well organized multitaskers. You’ll observe varions springs and windows open, seperate directories for all, that are well categorized, a task manager changing process priorities because he is bouncing from 1 job to the other, across his display.

Quality Seven- What is Insecure till… Never.

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The most effective hackers understand all software, hardware, and access controls are manmade and riddled with flaws, predictabilities, and unpredictabilities, a reflection of the founders. People. Nothing could ever be completely trusted, as no person can be entirely trusted.

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