How to get 4gb of ram working in Ubuntu 32bit version

How to get 4gb of ram working in Ubuntu 32bit version..

Recently I decided to upgrade the RAM memory of my Laptop to 4 GB. I was running my Ubuntu Jaunty 32 bit version with only 2 GB and it was clear that is was not enough to run my virtual machines in it.

I decided to buy 4 GB and install the memory, the installation went fine and the 4 GB of ram got detected properly in my BIOS settings. After checking   my Ubuntu System Monitor and also by running in the terminal the “$ free” command, I realized that my 9.04 Desktop version was only showing me 3 GB of ram…. after googling I found that it was a limitation of 32 bit systems.

$ free
total             used             free         shared       buffers         cached
Mem:             4053920       1133536       2920384                   0           99908         428480
-/+ buffers/cache:         605148       3448772
Swap:           2208896                   0       2208896

The solution:

A simple line that installs the server kernel in the Desktop version. This way, even though I’m running the 32bit desktop version, the kernel is actually the 9.04 server version.

Works fine 😉 and I’m getting 4 GB of ram. To achieve this here are the commands:

kartook@.-:~$sudo apt-get update
kartook@.-:~$sudo sudo apt-get install linux-headers-server linux-image-server linux-server

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