Bypass Windows Geniune Advantage Validation

recently you’ve updated your version of windows, and that pesky Validation tool slipped into windows, and now it says you have an illegal version of windows?!?!!?
No problem, Follow these nifty steps and get it off your machine for ever!

1. reboot your pc into safe mode (usually f8 on reboot)
2. Go to your “My Computer” and to the drive which holds your windows install (usually C:)
3. Once in the windows home drive go to the windows folder, then go to system32
4. In c:windowssystem32 find the file named “wgatray.exe” and delete it.
5. Now in the system32 folder, also find the folder called dllcache and delete the same file “wgatray.exe” and or “wgatray”
6. Now go to your Start Menu and then to the run box.
7. In the run box type in regedit and hit your enter key.
8. Navigate to the following in the left hand pane.


9. Delete the folder named wgalogon and all of it’s contents.
10. Reboot your PC and you will not be hassled by this pesky bastard any longer

Make sure from now on when you do your windows updates, you do the downloads manually (control panel and windows update) Just now, do not choose to install the validation tool.

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