Technical Interview Questions — Active Directory

Technical Interview Questions — Active Directory

* What is Active Directory?
* What is LDAP?
* Can you connect Active Directory to other 3rd-party Directory Services? Name a few options.
* Where is the AD database held? What other folders are related to AD?
* What is the SYSVOL folder?
* Name the AD NCs and replication issues for each NC
* What are application partitions? When do I use them
* How do you create a new application partition
* How do you view replication properties for AD partitions and DCs?
* What is the Global Catalog?
* How do you view all the GCs in the forest?
* Why not make all DCs in a large forest as GCs?
* Trying to look at the Schema, how can I do that?
* What are the Support Tools? Why do I need them?
* What is LDP? What is REPLMON? What is ADSIEDIT? What is NETDOM? What is REPADMIN?
* What are sites? What are they used for?
* What’s the difference between a site link’s schedule and interval?
* What is the KCC?
* What is the ISTG? Who has that role by default?
* What are the requirements for installing AD on a new server?
* What can you do to promote a server to DC if you’re in a remote location with slow WAN link?
* How can you forcibly remove AD from a server, and what do you do later? – Can I get user passwords from the AD database?
* What tool would I use to try to grab security related packets from the wire?
* Name some OU design considerations.
* What is tombstone lifetime attribute?
* What do you do to install a new Windows 2003 DC in a Windows 2000 AD?
* What do you do to install a new Windows 2003 R2 DC in a Windows 2003 AD?
* How would you find all users that have not logged on since last month?
* What are the DS* commands?
* What’s the difference between LDIFDE and CSVDE? Usage considerations?
* What are the FSMO roles? Who has them by default? What happens when each one fails?
* What FSMO placement considerations do you know of?
* I want to look at the RID allocation table for a DC. What do I do?
* What’s the difference between transferring a FSMO role and seizing one? Which one should you NOT seize? Why?
* How do you configure a “stand-by operation master” for any of the roles?
* How do you backup AD?
* How do you restore AD?
* How do you change the DS Restore admin password?
* Why can’t you restore a DC that was backed up 4 months ago?
* What are GPOs?
* What is the order in which GPOs are applied?
* Name a few benefits of using GPMC.
* What are the GPC and the GPT? Where can I find them?
* What are GPO links? What special things can I do to them?
* What can I do to prevent inheritance from above?
* How can I override blocking of inheritance?
* How can you determine what GPO was and was not applied for a user? Name a few ways to do that.
* A user claims he did not receive a GPO, yet his user and computer accounts are in the right OU, and everyone else there gets the GPO. What will you look for?
* Name a few differences in Vista GPOs
* Name some GPO settings in the computer and user parts.
* What are administrative templates?
* What’s the difference between software publishing and assigning?
* Can I deploy non-MSI software with GPO?
* You want to standardize the desktop environments (wallpaper, My Documents, Start menu, printers etc.) on the computers in one department. How would you do that?

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