Rumola : Automatic CAPTCHA Filler for Chrome, Firefox and Safari

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Rumola is a new application. It takes the guesswork out of the CAPTCHA test. Rumola reads the letters and numbers and puts them in the box for you. Open an account and download Rumola for a free test – you can run Rumola ten times (one week) to prove it works. If you are satisfied, the first $0.99/$1.95 into the account buys you 60/160 credits where one credit = one input in a CAPTCHA box. Credit units are limited by time and will expire if they are unused! Thereafter, buy credits as you need them.

Ideally, we ensure you can navigate the Internet as if there are no CAPTCHA tests. Rumola finds CAPTCHAs automatically, starts the recognition process and alerts you when the tests have been solved. To empower you as a blind or visually-impaired person, a voiceover notification system has been added. There are three important warnings:
1. Before the recognition process is completed, please do not touch or change the box containing the text field to which the CAPTCHA solution must be written! This immediately stops the Rumola application from working on the current page.
2. The extension automatically recognizes one captcha per page. If, for any reason, Rumola’s captcha solution is cancelled and a new captcha test is loaded in the page, the second must be asked manually.
3. Sometimes it will happens that Rumola will be failed to find correct CAPTCHA image and text field to enter a solution. In that cases remember that you can always use the context menu to select the correct CAPTCHA image and the text field where the characters are to be entered.

Finally, note that Rumola will initiate the CAPTCHA recognition process as soon as you start filling in other form fields on a page or once you double-click the CAPTCHA entry field as defined by Rumola. Currently Rumola works with the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browsers.


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