Virtuous Tramps beware: Facebook will scan your chat


Sometimes you go in as pure a product and can anticipate the reactions of you a bit. The contribution to the Facebook-bank it was, for instance. As you know in advance that the majority can not reconcile themselves to use bank data from Facebook.

So like I imagine it to be clear now that if I write today about the fact that the chats and messages will be checked for Facebook to criminal activity. Facebook confirmed to Reuters that the company is really going this way and I’ll bet that it will be found in the majority of users no applause.

In fact, sitting there now does not Facebook employees, and read our chat, but let the conversations tend to scan automatically, for example, sex offenders to get on the track. One uses various parameters such as the location and spacing of which is entertaining people, take care that these people have no mutual friends and get to know shortly.

Using instant messaging protocols already apprehend criminals made it scans the chats on specific terms that refer to preparing the ground of a criminal offense. In this specific example, wanted to meet a 30-year-old man in Florida with a 13-year-old girl. There was talk about sex, the conversation has been classified as dangerous and that is the point at which looks actually a Facebook employee on the chat. In this case, he has turned the police, who simply hijacked the computer and the girl were able to arrest the man.

This is an isolated case that should prove that the system works. If it involves a sexual offense, or even worse could be prevented, it is probably a little counter-arguments. A little stomach pain gives me the story yet, I can even understand not eventually from outside, like run these automated processes, when a Facebook employee my chat get to see – and how safe it is that from the dialogue and the correct conclusions drawn be.

Especially with girls I see it very often, that absolutely no birth year is given, on the other hand, I also know enough people that do not specify the correct data. If I now an old friend on Facebook again find that it is funny, there to spend a 15-year-old girl, should I probably need not apply, make an appointment to talk to her, so that my house does not enter the door.

I live the entire post-privacy-and certainly thought so either my public or private chat status messages are anything that gives me a headache. Nevertheless, there remains a feeling unwell at the thought that the conversations scanned, read and interpreted to be wrong sometimes k̦nnten.Ich think Facebook for a great network Рbut not for the world police. What are your opinions on this? Is it legitimate, because it might prevent crime? Or more of a reason to Facebook compared to only be a little more vigilant?

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