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How to install VSFTPD with CentOS

Install VSFTPD with CentOS $yum install vsftpd Turn on vsftpd auto start with $chkconfig –level 235 vsftpd on Open vsftpd.conf $nano /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf Now Add all this lines below the vsftpd.conf anonymous_enable=NO chroot_local_user=YES listen_port=XXXXX ( Port should be above 1024 ) Restart vsftpd with service vsftpd restart. $service vsftpd restart  

How To Install Asterisk1.6.2 On CentOS 5

   How To Install Asterisk1.6.2   On CentOS 5 Install dependencies: # yum -y install kernel-devel bison bison-devel ncurses ncurses-devel zlib zlib-devel openssl openssl-devel gnutls-devel gcc gcc-c++ make libxml2-devel Download Asterisk and DAHDI: # wget && wget Extract Asterisk and DAHDI: # tar -xvzf asterisk- && tar -xvzf dahdi-linux-complete- Build DAHDI: # cd […]

How to Stop ssh attacks with fail2ban in CentOS

Stop ssh attacks with fail2ban in CentOS   Every server on the web is subject to frequent breaking attempts, and when there are services running on default ports like 22 for ssh it becomes even more common. However, using a simple tool freely available called fail2ban we can easily keep those intruders out of our […]

TouchFire Keyboard accessory for iPad

  One of the common knocks against Apple’s iPad is its keyboard. The entire premise of the iPad is its large, Multi-Touch keyboard, but some call the feature a roadblock to content creation. Wepreviously profiled a slim, convenient Logitech keyboard that will “kickstart your your transition from consumption to creation” on the iPad. Over the […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Gears up for 2013 Release

  RHEL 6 was officially released in November of 2010, and with Red Hat Enterprise Linux receiving a major update approximately every two years, RHEL 7 is due to be released sometime in 2013. Tim Burke, vice-president of Linux Engineering at Red Hat, noted that key themes for RHEL 7 will include data center operational […]