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free GroundWork Traning until the end of June, 2009. Getting Started with free seat

Due to the overwhelming demand for access to the free training session on Friday, May 8, we’ll be extending the offer of a free seat to Getting Started with GroundWork until the end of June, 2009. There is a limit of 40 students per class, so you’ll want to reserve your spot now. But please, […]

NetFilter Checklist

NetFilter Checklist Building a NetFilterbased firewall is not difficult. End users interested in setting up their own NetFilter firewall can use the following brief checklist: Step 1.   Select a system to be used as the firewall. Step 2.   Install additional network interfaces (minimum number of required interfaces is two). Step 3.   Install […]

TCP/IP Hijacking

TCP/IP Hijacking : TCP/IP hijacking is a clever technique that uses spoofed packets to take over a connection between a victim and a host machine. This technique is exceptionally useful when the victim uses a one-time password to connect to the host machine. A one-time password can be used to authenticate once and only once, […]

Great Aussie firewall claims first victim

Great Aussie firewall claims first victim Forum threatened with fine for link to banned site By John Oates Posted in Government, 17th March 2009 09:30 GMT The great Australian Firewall might be struggling to make political progress, but regulators are already using its blacklist to threaten local websites with fines. Broadband discussion forum Whirlpool was […]

Crackers latch onto year-old Windows token vuln

Crackers latch onto year-old Windows token vuln Track this topic   Print story  Post comment Unpatched bug features in multi-stage attacks By John Leyden Posted in Security, 18th March 2009 20:25 GMT Hackers have created exploits against a long-standing, unpatched Windows “token kidnapping” vulnerability. The appearance of attacks follows a year after security researchers Cesar […]