Free Tool : LightScreen — A Free Screenshot Capture Tool for Windows

Lightscreen is a simple tool to take screenshots of your desktop and applications in Microsoft Windows. Lightscreen allows you to automate the tedious process of saving and cataloging screenshots. Once you install Lightscreen, it operates as a hidden process in the background. However, you can invoke the Lightscreen GUI via the System tray icon. Talking about the GUI, Lightscreen has a simple GUI as shown in the following image.

Features of Lightscreen

* Screenshots can be saved in any one of the three image formats namely — Jpeg, PNG, and BMP. Default is Jpeg.
* Screenshots are automatically saved in a directory of your choice and they are named sequentially — either appending numbers or time stamp.
* You can provide a time delay for taking screenshots.
* Magnify around the Mouse in Area mode (If enabled).
* Option to include the cursor in the screenshot.
* Optimize PNG screenshots. Lightscreen uses Optipng command line tool to optimize and shrink the size of the captured PNG images.
* You can associate hotkeys to the different functions of Lightscreen.
* If you have multiple monitors connected to your computer, Lightscreen allows you the choice of capturing screenshots from just one monitor instead of all of them.
* Option to notify you using a pop-up screen or a sound cue each time you take a screenshot.

Lightscreen has been released under the GNU/GPL license which makes it free to use and share. This is one nifty application which I find really useful in taking screenshots. While Lightscreen is no SnagIT killer, this free tool which sports a spartan interface allows you to take quick screenshots in Windows and catalog them with ease.

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