How to convert. Avi to. Rmvb ubuntu 9.04

I had one. Rmvb ready, I turned. Avi (at least I think so), if any. Rmvb, do the test using the following command and then tell me, do not forget to install mencoder

$FG.avi mencoder-ovc lavc-oac pcm-o F2g.rmvb

This command contains the path to FG.avi (Family Guy Series) on my desktop and name F2G.rmvb output. Si les funciona pueden invertir las salidas para convertir de .rmvb a .avi. If they can invest the works to convert the outputs. Rmvb. Avi.

Update: You may be lighter in MBs as follows:

$FG.avi mencoder-ovc lavc-oac mp3lame-o F2G.rmvb

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