How-to : Windows 2012 server AD installation through powershell

How-to : Windows 2012 server AD installation through power shell

To use Install-ADDSDomainController we need to have following informations .

Static IPAddress in the network interface
domain name – which must be passed through the DomainName parameter ( kartook.local)
credentials – that are in the Domain Admins group of the domain
Directory Services Restore Mode password – which can either be passed through the SafeModeAdministratorPassword parameter, or it can be provided when prompted.

Here is simplest example of this is:

Install-ADDSDomainController “kartook.local”

Q . ) How to Add a Domain Forest using PowerShell

To use Install-ADDSDomain, you must also specify the parent domain name. Just as when using PowerShell to add a domain controller, you may either supply the Directory Services Restore Mode password in the cmdlet, or provide it when prompted.

This is an example of how to create a new domain in a forest with PowerShell:

Install-ADDSDomain   -NewDomainName   mychildn   `
-ParentDomainName kartook.local; `
-InstallDNS `
-CreateDNSDelegation `
-DomainMode Win8 `
-ReplicationSourceDC   dc01.kartook.local

Note: The ` character is used to continue the command on the next line

2. ) How to Add a New Forest with PowerShell

To use Install-ADDSForest, all that needs to be provided is the forest name. A prompt will allow the Directory Services Restore Mode password to be entered, and DNS is installed by default during a forest installation.

An example :
Install-ADDSForest “kartook.local”

Or you could be more specific:

Install-ADDSForest —DomainName kartook.local   `
 -CreateDNSDelegation   `
 -DomainMode Win8     `
 -ForestMode Win8


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