Linux tool :Fdupes

How Do I Use fdupes?

Find duplicate files in /etc/ directory, enter:

root@K:/home/kartook# fdupes /etc

How Do I Delete Unwanted Files?

You can force fdupes to prompt you for files to preserve, deleting all others (use this with care otherwise you may loss data):

root@K:/home/kartook# fdupes -d /etc
[1] /etc/src-back
[2] /etc/src-orgi
Set 1 of 1, preserve files [1 – 2, all]: 1
[+] /etc/src-back
[-] /etc/src-orgi

How Do Recursively Search Directory?

You can recursively search every directory given follow subdirectories encountered within the -r option, enter:

root@K:/home/kartook# fdupes -r /dir1

How Do I Find Dupes In Two Directories?

Type the command as follows:

root@K:/home/kartook# fdupes /dir1 /dir2

How Do I See Size Of Duplicate Files?

Type the following command with the -S option:

root@K:/home/kartook# fdupes -S /etc

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