Test Drive Program- Time saving methods and Convert Virtual Disks from VHD to VMDK

Hey buddies ,

Really you want to learn and tring something on Windows Products i will save you time mostly 50 % i think

You can download all preinstalled images from microsoft

Installation time was save a lot and only downloading time .

But i am always use VMware workstation for thins kind of testing .But this is VHD format .i need to convert ,We need VHD to Vmdk

In this case we are going to convert a Longhorn Beta 3 (Windows Virtual Server 2005 R2) virtual machine to a VMware virtual machine.]

Start WinImage. And choose the menu option “Disk”.

Now click the Convert Virtual Hard Disk image option and open select the VDH file.

Now select the option “Create Fixed Size Virtual Hard Disk” and click <OK>.

Give your new VMDK file a name and click on <Save>.

The conversion will start.

After this conversion you can start your Longhorn server. The last step is installing the VMware tools and your server is converted.

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