Use DropBox to Remotely Start Torrents with uTorrent

DropBox is of course an amazing utility. There are endless creative ways to use it to sync different things.

This tutorial simply focuses on torrenting & uTorrent.

(The same exact principles apply to any torrent client.)

1. Get a Free DropBox account. 2GB is free from HERE
2. In uTorrent: Options > Preferences > Directories

Select: Automatically Load .torrents from & navigate towards your DropBox folder.

You will also need to select where you want the torrents saved to. Select “Always Show Dialog on Manual Add” so you can choose where to save torrents to when you are home.

Also, you can select “Delete Loaded .torrents” to keep you DropBox neat and clean.

3. Download a torrent into your DropBox when you are away from home. (Note: This can be anywhere in your DropBox: does not need to be your public folder)

That’s it!



1.You are away from your home computer & want to DL something so it is ready for you when you get home, it’s a new release and you want to start seeding, you found something you don’t want to forget about, etc. etc.

2. You download a torrent & save it to your DropBox

3. Your home computer constantly scans the DropBox for added torrent files and instantly sees the torrent, adds to uTorrent, and starts downloading to your Default save location, then deletes the torrent file out of your DropBox.

4. Your torrent is waiting for you when you get home!


Do NOT use DropBox as your save location for torrents.

You will likely ultimately want to move your torrents to a different location but you do need to pick a single folder location as there is no way to specify it after you add the .torrent file into you DropBox.

If you don’t have DropBox installed onto the remote computer, you can save the torrent file and use the Web interface or put DropBox on a memory stick (DropBox portable).

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