Win7 : How to use BitLocker to encrypt drive ?

BitLocker enables you to encrypt drive and prevent unauthorized access to any drive in Windows 7. BitLocker Encryption can be enabled separately on each drive. To use BitLocker in Windows 7, you need to make sure the BitLocker for the drive you want to encrypt indicate “Turn On BitLocker” in the control Panel as the following figure.

To carry out BitLocker in Windows 7, please see the following instructions:

1. Open Computer, right click the drive you want to encrypt, and then select Turn on BitLocker Drive Encryption.

2. Use a password or a smart card to unlock the drive. If you choose the first method, the password should be at least 8 numbers or letters.I personally recoman you should use 2 lowercase ,2 uppercase,2 numbericand 2 special chracters 🙂

3. Select where the recovery key is to be saved. You’d better save it to the external hard drive, another computer or else you can also print it for better security and in the case of password loss.

4. Preview the encrypt operation to be performed. If there is no problem, press Start Encrypting.

After the above steps, the BitLocker starts the encryption process. And after restarting Windows 7, you hard drive will be encrypted and can prevent from unauthorized access.

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