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Ubuntu-AutoCAD Alternative: BRL-CAD

Ubuntu-AutoCAD Alternative: BRL-CAD AutoCAD is one of the most expensive applications, but also indispensable for many types of jobs. Being so expensive, it’s a good reason to look for free alternatives. QCad is one of the alternatives but sometimes it’s just not enough. BRL-CAD is a free, open-source alternative to AutoCAD, developed by the U.S. […]

Firefox- Google Chrome Extensions Directory

Google Chrome Extensions Directory A Google Chrome extensions directory has been created, similar to the one for Firefox addons ( Each extension has a description and download link and that’s about it. The idea is good, but people probably expect Google to take this into it’s own hands and make it’s own extensions directory. […]

MultiGet – GUI download manager for ubuntu

MultiGet is an easy-to-use GUI download manager for ubuntu .It is Look and work like famous windows download manager flashget. It supports resuming downloads, It supports HTTP/FTP protocols . It supports multi-task with multi-thread on multi-server. You can reconfigure the thread number without stopping the current task. MultiGet runs natively on Linux, and it supports […]

How to allow login to VMware ESX Server with SSH ?

I was facing a problem to login the ESX through winSCP client then i found the solution .. Go to the service console on the physical server & login vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config Change the line that says PermitRootLogin from “no” to “yes” do service sshd restart And my problem was solved… I don’t have any problems […]

Hide Icons on Gnome Desktop

The first step in achieving clutter free desktop area is “Hiding icons on desktop”. Gnome provides a way to do that. First open up gconf-editor (Gnome Configuration Editor) by executing following command. gconf-editor Now navigate to /apps/nautilus/preferences and uncheck the tick mark on the option show desktop. As soon as you uncheck the option show […]