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Microsoft Silverlight for linux ,Unix systems.

Moonlight is an open source implementation of Silverlight (, primarily for Linux and other Unix/X11 based operating systems. In September of 2007, Microsoft and Novell announced a technical collaboration that includes access to Microsoft’s test suites for Silverlight and the distribution of a Media Pack for Linux users that will contain licensed media codecs for […]

Win 7 : A Technical Guru With Problem Steps Recorder

The Problem Steps Recorder in the Windows 7 operating system is a feature that enables users to record their interactions with an application and provide a detailed screen-by-screen view with accompanying information. Learn how the recording can be used to quickly identify problems and help reduce time spent with the help desk. psr.wmv Uses of […]

Pidgin in Ubuntu 9.04 and Login Successfully

Repairing Pidgin in Ubuntu 9.04 and Login Successfully Pidgin is an internet messenger application that is multi protocol. Pidgin is free, you can download it on Until finished writing this article about, how to repair pidgin in Ubuntu 9.04, pidgin can’t login to your YM account, because The yahoo messenger protocol in pidgin is […]

Microsoft COFEE Application List , on Second Thought…

The forensics tool provided to law enforcement officials created by Microsoft called COFEE (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) has been leaked on torrents last week, and this has caused quite a bit of excitement. Let’s see if the big deal is warranted. The software is made up of three components or phases: * The tool […]

Microsoft's COFEE Spills All Over Internet

The utility is designed EXCLUSIVELY for crime-investigators allowing quick and fully-automated extraction of forensic data from computers suspected of containing criminal activity evidence letting investigators search through data on-site, the utility is provided for free by Microsoft to law-enforcement agencies world-over in a USB device which executes more then 150 commands to collect forensic data […]

How to add nubuntu to ubuntu

Nubuntu packages in Ubuntu: 1. Open Synaptic Package Manager 2. Click “Settings” 3. Click “Repositories” 4. Click the “Third-Party Software” Tab 5. Press “Add” 6. Enter deb jaunty main for the packages or deb-src jaunty main for the source PPA for nUbuntu Repository

Windows : Common Command Console Utilities

Common Command Console Utilities WindowsXP comes with quite a few console utilities you can easily run from the command line: Computer Management – compmgmt.msc Disk Managment – diskmgmt.msc Device Manager – devmgmt.msc Disk Defrag – dfrg.msc Event Viewer – eventvwr.msc Shared Folders – fsmgmt.msc Group Policies – gpedit.msc Local Users and Groups – lusrmgr.msc Performance […]

Windows : Clearing the Page File on Shutdown

Clearing the Page File on Shutdown Another way to set the computer to clear the pagefile without directly editing the registry is: Click on the Start button Go to the Control Panel Administrative Tools Local Security Policy Local Policies Click on Security Options Right hand menu – right click on “Shutdown: Clear Virtual Memory Pagefile” […]