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Asterisk : upgrading from Zaptel 1.2 or 1.4 to DAHDI 2.0-README.txt

dahdi-linux-complete-2.4.0+2.4.0/tools/UPGRADE.txt Upgrade Notes ————- Information for upgrading from Zaptel 1.2 or 1.4 to DAHDI 2.0 Upgrading from Zaptel to DAHDI is fairly straightforward; install this package using the installation instructions, and then reconfigure and rebuild Asterisk; Asterisk 1.4 releases later than 1.4.21, and all releases of Asterisk 1.6, will automatically use DAHDI in preference to […]

Asterisk :Quick packages install on CentOs 5 and Asterisk 1.4.X

Here is a quick trick on centos/redhat or any yum powered platform to install all packages that you may need to install asterisk. It will even install mysql for you as well as odbc connecto yum -y install gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel bison openssl-devel libtermcap-devel ncurses-devel doxygen curl-devel newt-devel mlocate lynx tar wget nmap bzip2 mod_ssl […]

Security VOIP :Automated VOIP penetration testing using sipautohack

A demonstration of “sipautohack” scanning an internal network that has 3 SIP devices. For each SIP device that acts as a PBX (registrar) it then identifies the extensions by trying to guess commonly used extension names. For example 1234,2345, 5000,6000 etc. Once it identifies a valid extension such as 6001, it will try to identify […]

Linux : How to install Kernel-devel ?

Today   i try to make script for installing the asterisk .facing bit errors on Issues .I searched Google i came to know need to install kernal-devel for my system If you are running the standard kernel (for example), you can install the kernel-devel package by: [[email protected]]# yum install kernel-devel You can use this command […]

Linux : How to Disable Direct Root Logins

Allowing the root user to login directly is a major security issue, we’ll show you how to disable it so you can still login as root but just not directly, reducing the security issue. This will force a hacker to have to guess 2 seperate passwords to gain root access. (you do have 2 seperate […]