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VMware : Free Training Course -VMware vCenter Operations Manager Fundamentals [V5.X]

VMware vCenter Operations Manager Fundamentals [V5.X] Summary:     – Format: Self-Paced – Length: 2.5 Hours Overview: This e-learning course covers how to install and configure vCenter Operations Manager as well as how to use its many robust features. Objectives:                After completing the course, you should be able […]

VMware : Free Traning Course-Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Design [v5.X]

Course : Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Design [v5.X] – Format: Self-Paced – Length: 4.5 Hours Overview: This self-paced course covers the concept of disaster, recovery sites, disaster recovery or DR and business continuity or BC issues, and the planning process. Objectives:                After this course, you will be […]

News :How tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon store the world‘s data

Cloud computing: How tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon store the world‘s data n the evening of April 11, 2012, Mike Krieger, the co-founder of Instagram, gave a talk in San Francisco. What he must have known, though his audience didn’t, was that in less than 24 hours,  Mark Zuckerberg  would announce that he was […]

News : Cloud computing to create over 2 million jobs in India

Cloud computing will generate some 14 million new jobs worldwide by 2015, and India alone will create over 2 million, predicts a study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC). Pointing out to a strong linkage between cloud, innovation and entrepreneurship, the study said most companies look at migration to cloud computing […]

Cisco : Cisco ASA 1000V Cloud Firewall

Cisco ASA 1000V Cloud Firewall The cloud technology is spreading like wild fire all over the world. And like everything else in technology, unfortunately security is the last thing that vendors consider while developing technology. The same happened with the cloud. At the beginning, nobody thought about security in the virtual cloud. After several security […]

CisCo : Installing the VSG ( Virutual Security Gateway ) Software from an ISO File

DETAILED STEPS Step 1 Upload the Cisco Virtual Security Gateway ISO image to the vCenter datastore. Step 2 From the data center in the vSphere Client menu, choose your ESX host where you want to install the Cisco Virtual Security Gateway and choose New Virtual Machine. The Create New Virtual Machine dialog box opens. Step […]