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High School Student creates new social networking site

High School Student creates new social networking site A class 10 student of St Aloysius High School, Mangalore has created a social networking website of his own. With this step, he has shaved off a good five years from the age at which Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, which is the biggest social media website in […]

Firefox OS coming to smartphones in 2013

‘Firefox OS‘ coming to smartphones in 2013   A new operating system for mobile phones akin to the Mozilla Firefox internet browser has got the backing of several major telecom companies, turning up the heat onGoogle and Apple in the smartphone market. Mozilla said on Monday that mobile network operators Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, Smart,Telecom Italia […]

WordPress Error :TypeError: obj.firstChild.firstChild is null

  Tried in different Browsers : In Google Chrome the error is: TypeError: Cannot read property style of null In Firefox: TypeError: obj.firstChild.firstChild is null In Internet Explorer: Cannot retrieve the value style: the object is null or not defined Also i tried to restore my   Old backups don’t solve the problem   Finally […]

Ubuntu : How to install Tweetdeck on ubuntu 12.04 64bit

    Whilst Adobe provide a 32bit version of their Adobe Air application for Linux, a native x64 version remains a dream. Thankfully, with few installed dependencies, the 32bit version will happily run on a 64bit installation too Step 1 . Get Air, Get Dependencies First things first – you will need a copy of […]

Win7 : All time network TShoot Tools

Win7 : All time network TShoot Tools C:Userskartook>Pathping.exe Usage: pathping [-g host-list] [-h maximum_hops] [-i address] [-n] [-p period] [-q num_queries] [-w timeout] [-4] [-6] target_name Options: -g host-list         Loose source route along host-list. -h maximum_hops   Maximum number of hops to search for target. -i address         […]