Cisco Nexus 1000V Demonstration Video


Virtual Machine-Aware Network Services

The Nexus 1000V switch is a pure software implementation of a Cisco Nexus switch. It resides on a server and integrates with the hypervisor to deliver VN-Link virtual machine-aware network services.
Video Data Sheet

The Cisco Nexus 1000V switch takes advantage of VMware’s vNetwork Distributed switch framework to offer tightly integrated network services as part of a server virtualization strategy. At the same time, the switch offers operations and management consistency with existing Cisco Nexus and Cisco Catalyst switches.

Cisco VN-Link and the Cisco Nexus 1000V switch provide server virtualization technology to ensure consistent, policy-based network capabilities to all physical or virtual servers in a customer’s data center.
Policy-based Virtual Machine Connectivity

* Provides real-time coordinated configuration of network and security services
* Maintains a virtual machine-centric management model, enabling the server administrator to increase both efficiency and flexibility

Mobile VM Security and Network Policy

* Policy moves with a virtual machine during live migration ensuring persistent network, security, and storage compliance
* Ensures that live migration won’t be affected by disparate network configurations
* Improves business continuance, performance management, and security compliance

Non-disruptive Operational Model

* Aligns management and operations environment for virtual machines and physical server connectivity in the data center
* Maintains the existing VMware operational model
* Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by providing operational consistency and visibility throughout the network
* Offers flexible collaboration between the server, network, security, and storage teams while supporting various organizational boundaries and individual team autonomy

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