Cloud Vertical Lets You Track Your Infrastructure Spending on Amazon Web Services



Now that there’s Google Compute engine, there is yet another infrastructure service that IT managers and startups have to consider. So how do IT managers decide to how to efficiently spend on cloud services?

A Dublin-based startup called Cloud Vertical is stepping in with analytics that measure everything from everyday spending to EC2 instances, Amazon S3, Elastic Map Reduce and more. It currently supports Amazon Web Services, Heroku and VMWare.

“With the old model, you never had to track flexible capacity,” said chief executive Ed Byrne, who sold his last company Hosting 365 to Sungard for an undisclosed amount in 2010. “But in the new model, you can always add more capacity. Capacity can be infinite.”

Cloud Vertical tracks spending by days, weeks and months. It also predicts future costs and compares your spending against industry norms. It can also send alerts and texts if there are spikes in usage. The higher service tiers also help IT managers see where they’re wasting money and optimize how they spend on infrastructure.

“Right now, all of this data is kept in silos,” Byrne said. “There are individual tools but no one is aggregating data the top to get deeper insights.”

The pricing plans range from $5 to $750 per month depending on whether the client needs just basic reports or more sophisticated recommendations. The $5 version provides basic reports while the $50 version adds extra reporting plus SMS and e-mail alerts. The $750 plan brings optimization recommendations. Then there are even higher enterprise-level plans that are negotiable based on the client.

Cloud Vertical is backed with about a half million euros in funding from Delta Partners and Enterprise Ireland. The company has seven people in Poland, Ireland and the U.S.

It faces competition from several other startups like New Relic, Portland-based Cloudability, Cldrdr, Canada’s UptimeCloud and more. Amazon also has its own CloudWatch service, which has been available to premium customers.

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