Microsoft Announces Cloud Email with Skype and more function



Microsoft just announced that they are launching a new cloud based online email service called When it comes to past email services, one can’t help but think of Hotmail, and how it has been slowly fading in the wake of Google’s   cloud email service gmail. As big tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft seem to all be battling for best cloud services, Microsoft seems to finally be joining the group with it’s clear new focus in design and user experience. All of these changes we’ve been hearing about lately, are steps towards Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 releases within the next couple months.

As we heard about over a year ago, Microsoft had purchased Skype, the ever popular online communication service featuring audio and video calling anywhere in the world. Now we are seeing the beginnings of the fruits from that acquisition, as the new will feature Skype integration to battle the awesome offering from Google+ Hangouts. Along with Skype integration comes Twitter and Facebook integration, linkage to your contacts list, calendar and Skydrive. All of this comes in a free ‘unlimited’ (it’s actually 7GB, but who’s counting) package from Microsoft, all in a nice Windows 8 ‘metro-inspired’ interface.

This is simply not a re-branded Hotmail account, but rather a whole new, re-built email service. features a new interface, with modern dressings, minimal ad displays and non-existent banner ads. All the annoyances of Hotmail and gmail taken out, and that may just be enough to get gmail users back over to and Microsoft. It’s a smart door to lure users over to Windows Phone 8 from Android as well, if only the calendar portion didn’t send you straight back to the old Hotmail interface that we are still trying to forget.

You can check it out for free right now at the source link below.


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