E-book :Legal Aspects of the Information Society

This book contains fundamental information for those who want to understand Free Software and how to contribute and benefit from it in a safe and legal way. Concepts like existing legal systems of software protection – copyright, patents, trademark and key concepts like Copyleft and free licenses – will provide a general background upon which practical skills for different contexts can be built.

This material aims to provide the knowledge and tools that are needed to assess the possible legal issues that can arise in a Free Technology environment. It will provide the reader with the information needed to answer to common questions and doubts, and to take the right decisions from a legal perspective.

  • Author: Malcolm Bain
  • Contributions: Manuel Gallego, Manuel Martínez Ribas, Judit Rius
  • Licenses: GNU Free Documentation License
  • Information: 301 Pages; 2.5 Mb


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