Android malware !!!!!!

If you are an Android device user, you may in deep trouble, warns British Telecom. BT has come up with some eyebrow-raising statements about Android operating system. is an issue for sure, but a security expert from BT has said that it is an epidemic, which is affecting everyone.

Speaking at the NetEvents Americas conference, Jill Knesek, head of the global security practice at BT, said, “The company has analysed over 1,000 Android applications and the findings were rather shocking. We found that around one-third of the apps were compromised with some form of active or dormant malware. The team has found that almost every device is compromised with some kind of malware. However, it is unclear that whether the code is active or what it is doing.”

It is worth mentioning here that several security firms have warned against malicious apps in Google’s Play Store. Google introduced ‘bouncers’ to tighten the security in the market place but the concept seems to have not worked in Android’s favour.

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