How to Clean up unwanted files in Ubuntu

This is based on a tutorial found on the Ubuntu forums

1. Go to  System>Administation>Synaptic Package Manager

2. Click the  Status button (bottom left) then click  Residual config.

3. If anything comes up in the right hand window, select it and  Mark for Complete Removal, then click  Apply.

4. Click on All, then on any name on the right hand side. Type  localepurge and check whether it is installed or not. If not, install it. When it install it asks you for your locale. I selected  en-us – this is the locale that it will leave on my system, getting rid of anything else.

5. Do the same for the  deborphan package.

on terminal

H4ck3r@kartook:~$sudo apt-get autoclean
H4ck3r@kartook:~$sudo deborphan | xargs sudo apt-get -y remove —purge

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