How to gnome-fall back at ubuntu 14.04 LTS

How to gnome-fall back at ubuntu 14.04 LTS

The Classic, now called Flashback session was quite popular in old Ubuntu versions .Many People like to use this same as like old gnome .   Here is the way how to Install and tweak the GNOME Flashback Session in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS step by step .

Install the Flashback GNOME session. Run the command on your terminal


[email protected]:~$sudo apt-get install gnome-session-flashback

ScreenShoot :

fallback _kartook



After installation Logoff  and Select the Gnome Flashback on list

fallback1 _kartook







After selection you can find the default Ubuntu LTS 14.04 Icon to Gnome icon .

Enter your password and login .


fallback2 _kartook







After login you can find screen looks like old Ubuntu .

fallback 3_kartook










Here is full  view of my screen






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