Mysql : Connect to a remote mysql Server

At a shell or command (cmd for windows) prompt you type all one 1 single line:


with the following replacements of the terms above:

* Replace DB_SERVER with the correct database servername or IP address

* Replace DB_USER_NAME with your mysql username.

* Replace DB_NAME with your mysql databasename.

* [PASSWORD] is optional on command line, otherwise it will ask you to enter it later on

DB_USER_NAME = Kartook
DB_SERVER             =
BD_NAME                   = shop

mysql -u bip -p shop -h

If you connecting to the same computer you can use host name will be localhost or with out any host name.

mysql -u Kartook -p shop

To Connect from PHP you use the below script:
we will query cust table and get customer name.

$database = “DB_NAME”;
$hostname = “DB_SERVER”;
$username = “DB_USER_NAME”;
$password = ‘DB_PASSWORD’;

$link = mysql_connect($hostname, $username, $password);

$SQL = “SELECT cust_name FROM cust;
$result = $link -> mysql_query($SQL,$link);

if (mysql_num_rows($result)> 0) {
while ($tmp = mysql_fetch_row($result))
echo   $tmp[0];



From Perl you can use the below script:

use DBI;
$database = “DB_NAME”;
$hostname = “DB_SERVER”;
$port = “3306”;
$username = “DB_USER_NAME”;
$password = ‘DB_PASSWORD’;

$dsn = “DBI:mysql:database=$database;host=$hostname;port=$port”;

$dbh = DBI->connect($dsn, $username, $password) or die(“Can not connect!”);

$SQL = “SELECT cust_name FROM cust”;

$result = $dbh->prepare($SQL);

while(($column1, $column2) = $result->fetchrow_array)
print “C1 = $column1, C2 = $column2n”;


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