Demonoid Torrent site removed

These days it appears that the number of safe havens for file indexing sites is fast dwindling as Demonoid is shut down manually by  Ukrainian  authorities, following a request from Interpol.

So what does this mean for the filesharing community? Yes, it’s another message that indexing sites are becoming fair-play for authorities, where previously laws left them untouched, as they did not directly infringe any content themselves. On the other hand, likely this closure will have little impact on the overall picture.

There’s a chance that the site may launch in a new location, stronger than ever thanks to a popularity boost from its closure, again, much like The Pirate Bay back in the day, which subsequently grew to become the largest BitTorrent site in the world. Should the site not reopen, as TorrentFreak editor,  Ernesto Van Der Sar, quite rightly pointed out, the closure is “not going to stop the majority of people from sharing files as the most popular items are available though hundreds of other BitTorrent sites.”

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