How To Set Up Google DNS Server?

What is Google DNS IP

Google DNS IP are IP addresses provided by Google. DNS Addresses are like Address Book, when you enter the website URL, it resolves the DNS by looking into the address book. The faster they resolve the faster is the loading speed. The primary and secondary IP address are and respectively.
Set up Google DNS on the computer

Setting up DNS server is quite easy, the procedures below are for Windows 7. Open Network and Sharing center, click Change Adapter Setting from the left sidebar, right-click the local area network or wireless network and select Properties.

Now from the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box, select TCP/IPv4 and click Properties. Now select ‘Use the following DNS Server addresses’ and enter the primary and secondary Google DNS IP addresses.


If you want to configure in the router so that everyone can benefit from it, open the router dashboard, find the option that asks for DNS Server addresses and enter the Google DNS Server addresses(i.e, and It’s that simple.

Some users are reluctant to add the Google DNS addresses citing privacy concerns. Google can keep track of what every user is doing, thus breaching the privacy of users. But if you want faster speed irrespective of privacy concerns, you can give it a shot

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