News : Engineering students design driverless car

Four students of electronics & communication and mechanical engineering of Lovely Professional University, Punjab, under the guidance of their mentors, have successfully designed a car that can be controlled from a mobile phone, sitting at any part of the world. The car is pliable on both the auto and manual modes and has safety provisions like child-lock , while being on auto mode. The car, which can be commanded well for day as well as also has night vision, has been successfully tested for over 1000 kms.

Bikas (MTech ECE), Lokesh Ramina (BTech ECE), Rahul Jain (mech engg) and Suvendu (mech engg) constituted the team. Speaking on their success, they said, “We are very happy on the success of our future car. We collaboratively devised the car utilising the internet , mobile phone, laptop, C+ programming language, microcontroller board with ATMEGA 128 IC under the electrical control circuit. Many a time, we got help and moral boost from our mentors when we faced hurdles in the project.” Currently, the experiment is on an electrically operated car which can also be used in other types of vehicles.

Ashok Mittal , chancellor, LPU, said, “The car, using a wide variety of sensors will be easily able to detect pedestrians, objects which will allow the car to slow or stop suddenly. As a computer is far more precise and subject to fewer errors than a human, accident rates may reduce when these vehicles become available to consumers. This driverless technology would lead to fewer traffic jams and safer roads.”

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