Nokia N97 to ship this month

Today, Nokia announced that the N97, the newest handset in its flagship N-series, will go on sale in 75 countries this month. The device was first unveiled six months ago complete with its full spec list, and a €550 suggested retail price tag.

The 3.5-inch touchscreen N97 will be the first of Nokia’s mobile phones to ship with the Ovi Store app natively installed. Nokia’s mobile applications store opened for business last week, but faced harsh criticism for its frequent inaccessibility, and overall lack of captivating content.

directly at users’ fingertips, Nokia expects that the N97 will soon present a clean slate of new apps and downloadable content. “Fueled by a multitude of music, maps, games, media and applications via Ovi, the Nokia N97 transforms the Internet into an experience that’s completely tailored to the tastes and interests of its owner,” said Jonas Geust, vice president in charge of the N-series group at Nokia.

1 thoughts on “Nokia N97 to ship this month

  1. Jamie says:

    the Nokia N97 for me is the best phone that i bought. it is definitely a bang for the buck phone. nice features and cool looks

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