WhatsApp gets voice messaging feature



The popular messaging app  WhatsApp  has launched voice massaging, a new feature that allows users to record and send audio messages on their smartphones.

Said to be a brainchild of the US-based company’s co-founder and CEO Jan Koum, the new feature allows users to just hold to record a message and release to send it.

There is also a blue blinker notification that lets users know when the message is recieved.

In case the user decides not to send the message, a swipe to the left and the recording is deleted. All this is built into a single tap.

There is also no timelength limit for the recorded messages. Also, the volume automatically switches from speaker when held at arm’s length to soft when held next to an ear.

WhatsApp also announced that it now has 300 million global monthly active users, surpassing 20 million monthly active users in four countries: Germany, Spain, Mexico and India.

With the introduction of voice messaging feature, the company hopes further strengthen its user base globally.

Though WhatsApp charges $0.99 from its users after one year, it has never disclosed the percentage of its paid users.

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